The Sudsy School of Soap!

Learn to make all natural cold process soap

Discover the secret to making gorgeous all natural hand-made soap at home without settling for toxic fragrances and artificial colours.
After this 4 week program you’ll have the confidence to make cold process soap at home, with all the insider secrets every soap maker needs.

Weekly training modules

To teach you everything you need for fool proof soap making


Practical activities

To keep you accountable and moving forward in your soap making commitment


Private Support Group

To ask questions, share your success and receive the support you need.

Module 1

The science of soap making and understanding ingredients

What is soap and the 3 types of soap making
Soap Making Terminology
The basic process of soap making
The qualities of oils and fats
Sodium Hydroxide
(what is it and how do we use it safely)
Essential Oils Vs Fragrance Oils
Additives in soaps
(exfoliants, botanicals, clays, powders and more)

Module 2

Gathering your equipment and supplies
What equipment you need and where to source your equipment and ingredients.
What equipment do you need to make soap without breaking the bank?
Where to source equipment and ingredients

Module 3

Develop your very own fool proof soap recipe and trouble shoot potential issues

Lye calculators, EO calculators and their importance in soap making
How to use SoapCalc and EO Calc to create your very first recipe
Understanding water discounting, super-fatting and other techniques
Troubleshooting certain ingredients and additives

Module 4

Ready? Set! GO!

Setting up your work station
Measuring and mixing your lye water
Measuring and mixing your oils
Saponification and pouring into the mould
How to know when to un-mould
Different methods of cutting soap
Curing soap
Styles and materials for wrapping soap
INCI names, AICIS registration and the legalities of selling

“I can’t wait to use the soap I made after knowing what great quality natural ingredients I have used. Makes me feel better knowing what I use on my family’s skin. ”

Ros Jamalludin

Hi, my name is Kareena

I am the owner and soap maker at Kri:ei’tiviti Natural Handmade Artisan Soap and your teacher in the Sudsy School of Soap.
I am here to guide you in your soap making venture and help you find your confidence and creativity to make gorgeous, all natural hand-made soap in your very own home!
Join me, as I take you on this magical journey that is soap making.



What if I have never made soap before?

This is the perfect course for you. I will teach you everything you need to know from start to finish to make beautiful soap at home.


How long does it take to make soap? I am so time poor.

The Sudsy School of Soap does require you to put aside some time each week to learn, gather equipment and ingredients and make your soap. Having said that, it is not a huge time commitment and the outcome is worth it!


I'm not crafty at all. Is this course for me?

There is no requirement to be crafty AT ALL to make soap. It is a simple formula that you follow like any other recipe formulation. If you can make a cake following a recipe, you can make soap!


My family have so many allergies. Can I make soap that caters to their needs?

Module 3 in The Sudsy School of Soap outlines how to create your own unique recipe. Here I can guide you on making a soap specific to your needs.


Isn't the lye dangerous? I don't want to hurt myself

I will take you through all the necessary safety precautions from equipment used to safe handling procedures. You will be armed with knowledge and safety to skills to allay your fears.


How much does it cost to buy all the equipment and ingredients?

Most of the the equipment and ingredients for soap making you can find in your kitchen cupboards or at your local department and hardware stores for a very low cost. I will point you in the right direction for all the gear you need without breaking your budget.

Calling all future soap makers...

Come join me In The Soap Shed and say hello to clean, beautiful, safe soap.
Fill your bathroom and sock drawers with heavenly scents, as you master the art of soap making in your own home.