Program Outline

Is the Ph@tt program right for you?

As with any change in diet, we recommend that you consult with your doctor prior to commencing the program.

There are tailored programs that are suitable for:

family planning
Heavy training schedule

What does the Ph@tt program include?

Just like thousands of others, you will find the program easy to follow and everything you need to succeed will be provided to get you started. You pay for the nutritional supplements but you get a TON more value included when join the PH@TT program.

How much does the Ph@tt program cost?

The Ph@tt (Putting Health At The Top) program is an amazing opportunity to transform your life with rapid weight loss results. Getting started is simple – we open your account, load your cart and you then log in to pay. Delivery is usually within 2-3 business days. All the tools you need to follow the 3 steps will be emailed to you and we are there to mentor and support you.

The prices below are the program starting cost and there may be additional supplements we recommend to suit your specific health and weight loss goals.

Australia $289  ○  New Zealand $295  ○  USA $217 ○  canada $295  ○  UK £138    Europe €169

Here is what you get:

A list of approved foods
Detailed meal plan
Supplement routine
Access to comprehensive Ph@tt Feeds members-only Facebook group
Access to exclusive Ph@tt Facebook members-only community groups
Personalised mentoring support

The Ph@tt program is

A one-off purchase of nutritional supplements
Personalised mentoring and support
Meal plans, food lists and support groups


..and no hidden surprises

No joining fees
No auto-ship
No ongoing costs
No monthly fees
The cost of the supplements will cover 30 days – this is NOT a monthly fee.

Depending on how much weight you would like to lose, you may only need to do one round. ​


and you will receive $10 off your first order of products.

3 Easy Steps


The first 3 days

This is where you get off the blood sugar roller coaster and get your appetite under control and you start to burn fat. During these three days you will begin your nutritional support, and quickly become a fat burning body rather than a fat storage body. Typically after the second day your blood sugar levels should start to stabilise, you will begin to overcome food cravings and your body will start to use its fat stores for energy.


Fat loss and detox

This is when your body will start to change as a result of burning fat, controlling your food craving and stabilising blood sugar levels and most importantly HORMONES. With food cravings gone and fat burning increased, you will feel greater mental clarity and enjoy the increase in energy. The nutritional support for body and hormonal balance is vitally important. Step 2 is the weight loss stage, but is also vital to improve digestion, improve gut health, and reduce inflammation in the body.



The Maintenance phase is designed to keep you at your current weight and help keep your hormones in balance – particularly your blood sugar levels.This phase will normally last 21 days… but is designed to teach you how to sustain a healthy lifestyle!
All 3 stages are important for successful weight loss, and if you want to lose more weight you simply go back to step 1 and repeat!

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