The Lioness Hospital Essentials


Be prepared for your hospital birth with the Lioness Hospital Essentials Toiletry Bag.


Be prepared for the birth of your bub with the Lioness Hospital Essentials Pack.  Just add your toothbrush and you are ready!

Included in your bag is:

Belly Balm 30ml – use this soothing balm throughout pregnancy to moisturise itchy, stretched skin all over your body, from boobs to belly, bum and thighs. The Belly Balm is also great for massage, which helps to release oxytocin and endorphins, promoting intimacy, relaxation and inner calm.

Choc Honey Lip Balm 15ml – smells like chocolate and tastes as good as it sounds, this handy lip balm will help to hydrate and heal cracked, dry lips. Made with Cocao, it’s soothing properties are known to produce endorphins which are a natural way to help deal with pain.

Nipple Balm 30ml – soothe sore cracked nipples with our 100% natural Nipple Balm. This balm is created especially for the first few weeks of
breastfeeding to help you feel comfortable, confident and pain-free. Infused with Calendula and Chamomile, fragrance-free our Nipple Balm is safe for baby and Mum.

Bare Betty Soap 100g – bare, beautiful and nourishing, the Bare Betty Soap is full of natural oils to help moisturise your amazing body as you grow a mini-human! Completely safe, it’s ideal for shared shower-time with Mums, Dads and Bubs. Fragrance and colour free, you can trust this soap to calm the senses and leave you feeling fresh and clean.

Clary Sage Shower Steamer – for use during labour or after birth, this aromatic shower steamer combines both lavender and Clary Sage to create a beautiful and calming aroma. Clary Sage essential oil helps regulate breathing, while relaxing other muscular systems, allowing for good oxygen throughout the body! The lavender helps you to enter your zone during labour.
Please note – only to be used during labour and after birth.

Please note that the colour of your toiletry bag will vary.  Please let us know when you order if you would like a particular colour or design and we will do our best to accommodate.

SHIPPING: Please note your product will be shipped by standard mail from Perth, Western Australia. We post daily Monday – Friday. Please allow time for your order to arrive. If you would like to pay extra for express shipping or to have a tracking number, please email us:

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