Introducing the

Are you overwhelmed


with all the Mums N Bubs body products on the market today?


Do you not even know where to start looking for products that are good for you and bub? 

What products work?  

What is natural?  

What is safe?  

You just want a natural product with easy to understand ingredients that relieve your tired, swollen feet, dry cracked lips and itchy, stretched belly skin.   

It can’t be that hard, can it? 

Well, it’s not! 

Are you spending and wasting so much time googling products with ingredients you cannot even pronounce?  

Do you wonder what products you can trust to be safe? 

And do you become disillusioned when you realise there is really nothing out there that suits your needs……….so you end up buying nothing.   

You just try to manage your itchy skin, your swollen feet, your dry lips and all the time becoming overwhelmed at what you can do to help.  

What products are out there? And where are they? 

Sadly, the more time you spend on researching, the less likely you are to find the true, all natural products that WORK!


Here at Kri:ei’tiviti we have listened to our mumma’s and we have heard what you want and need

And we made it JUST FOR YOU!

“Today I tested the Lavender Shower Steamer from Krieitiviti. IN LOVE!”

Amber Kevill – Hartley’s Meadow Doula

 Did you know that so many products on the market today are loaded with Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are natural, right?

Of course! BUT!

Bub does not need to be overstimulated with scent.

Bub needs to be able to smell YOU! Even before bub is born! 

And did you know that hospital supplied balms and creams for new mums contain Lanolin. 


Lanolin is soaked in pesticides to remove parasites.

No thank you!

In response to the requests of our mumma’s we have developed our Mums N Cubs Range with your bub in mind.

Are you looking for?

Belly Balm to relieve that dry, itchy skin.

Nipple Balm to soothe your cracked, painful nipples

Lip Balm to moisturise your dry lips

Soap that both you and bub can use together

All 100% tox-free, scent free and lanolin free products.

We have the answer right here.

But wait!!

We also thought about YOU and what YOU would like…YOU need something with a little scent to help you through, that is not going to be overpowering for bub.  So FOR YOU we have….

Shower Steamers to relax in the shower.

Foot Fizzies to soak your tired, swollen, aching feet.

Both scented so YOU can RELAX on your own when bub is sleeping.

“The skin around my belly button is still quite sore from being stretched so Im still using my Kri;ei’tiviti Belly Balm to soothe it”.

But everyone says I should be using this and using that…..!!

Do you hate spending sooo much time and even more energy worrying about what you should and shouldn’t be doing?

Do you wish you could just have a one stop shop for all your body product needs?

You’re not alone!

Mumma’s, we have you covered with everything to help you on your pregnancy and labour journey. And beyond!

Let me show you a range of products you will LOVE!

If you’re using a product now and not getting the results you want and becoming disillusioned or you simply don’t even know where to begin with the products that will help you, you’re one of thousands of mumma’s who feel the same way.

Products come and go all the time and it is becoming increasingly harder to truly trust someone to make a 100% all natural body product.

#Truthbomb – Commercial products are not always natural! Small batch, hand-made, locally owned is what you need!

Ditch that overwhelm! And truly trust the ingredients in the products you are using!

Can you imagine how that would feel?

There is a solution – it’s about easily learning what that ingredient list means and how it can help you!

“I put the clary sage shower steamer in my shower this morning and it was so nice…smells so good. I’ve still got it in the bathroom. I’ll just keep putting it in my showers until I go into labour”.

Lauren McLeod – 38 weeks

So why listen to me?

Well, I am a registered Soap Maker with the Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS No 1001654) which all sounds rather important.

And it is.

As a Cold Process Soap Maker, this is a requirement!

I began making soap and body products a few years ago out of a need to find a suitable product for my highly reactive, sensitive skin. So research, making, testing and more research was needed to find the right recipe.

But that’s not all, I also have a load of qualifications that may not seem relevant but tell you a lot about who I am…including;

✔️Certificate 3 in MicroBusiness
✔️ Bachelor of Arts with Honours (Urban and Regional Studies)

✔️ Silver Licence Swim Coach (Advanced Coach)
✔️ Working With Children Check – because I want to teach kids the benefit of natural skin products too!

Well, there are no formal qualifications required to be a soap maker, however, you know you are dealing with someone who knows how to research, formulate and test which is really vital in producing great quality soap.
Why are the ingredients listed in brackets after a funny looking name I cannot pronounce?
As a manufacturer (maker) of soap and body products, I fall under the banner of the Cosmetics Industry. By law, I am required to label my products a certain way with the INCI name. INCI stands for “International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients”. As I also cannot understand all the INCI names, I have added the ingredient in brackets in plain English so you know what is in my products.
Why don’t some of the products have added scent?
Babies, even while still in the womb, need to be able to smell you and not be overwhelmed in the sensory department. We keep our soap, lip balm, belly balm and nipple balm all scent free as these are the ones that you will either use on or nearest to bub. Shower Steamers and Foot Fizzies are the only products we have with added scent in the form of essential oils and these should be used when bub is not close by.
I need a nipple balm but is it safe for my baby if I’m breastfeeding?
Short answer – YES! Our nipple balm has just TWO ingredients – Olive Oil and Cocao Butter. Both are totally safe for bub to ingest. Which is why we kept the ingredients simple and safe. No pesticide loaded lanolin in any of our products!

I was lucky enough to be gifted the whole mums and cubs range 💕. Being pregnant in the middle of winter makes for some really dry and itchy skin, I particularly love the belly balm. It’s the only thing that works for me. And the Bare Betty soap is so silky soft and gentle, it’s lovely. Makes a perfect gift for any pregnant or new mumma, highly recommend.