Now, more than ever, it is time to be washing your hands and washing them correctly.    

We have been told by Health Organisations, Doctors and those in the know, that if we are to stem the transmission of COVID-19 and indeed, any virus, that we are to wash our hands, correctly and frequently.

But do you know how to wash your hands correctly?

Hand washing is only effective if you follow this simple process;

  1. Choose a soap that lathers easily. Hint: Store bought commercial soap will struggle in this department. See why here;
  2. Wet hands thoroughly with water.
  3. Lather hands with soap covering front, back, between fingers and under nails.
  4. Wash for at least 20 seconds or for the length of time it takes to sing two outstanding renditions of ‘Happy Birthday’🎂
  5. Wash hands frequently throughout the day especially after touching surfaces.

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Stay safe everyone and keep on washing those hands correctly and frequently.

Best wishes from The Kri:ei’tiviti Crew.

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