There are thousands of soap makers in this country. There are a decent number of soap makers just in my suburb and many hundreds in the city where I live.

It is not an easy industry to survive, let alone thrive in. You have to find your niche market, people who are on your page.

Most people just want their convenient, fresh smelling, commercial, pump bottle liquid body wash in the neat, plastic bottle off the supermarket shelves. Or their 6 for $5.00 bundle of mass produced, perfectly rounded and stamped bars of “soap”. Or if they do buy handmade soap, they want it to look really dazzling and bright and smell like “ocean breeze” or “forest glenn”. Smells that don’t come from nature. They come from a factory.

Yeah, they’re not on my page.

Have you ever read the ingredients on that bottle of body wash or bar of soap?
How many do you understand? And what are all the numbers?

I have a rule of thumb when purchasing anything.
• First, I read the label.
• Second, I have to understand ALL the ingredients on that label.
• And third, the fewer ingredients, the better!

Needless to say, it takes me a while to do my shopping!

Sometimes I see other people in a shop doing the same thing. Studying labels and deciphering the ingredients. I silently chuckle and think?

Yep, they’re on my page.

My labels are easy to understand. I use simple, plain language in line with the by-laws of cosmetic labelling. My soap has as few as two ingredients in the final product or up to 9 or 10 ingredients. Ingredients like in our Mango Rose Soap; Purified Water, Saponified Oils: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Apricot Kernal Oil. Rose Geranium Essential Oil, Australian Pink Clay, Mango Pulp.

We go even further and ensure our Mango Pulp is spray free from a small, family farm in Carnarvon in the north west of Australia. (We love to support local, small businesses).

Not many people will pay $6.50 for a totally toxic free bar of goodness for your skin and body. No matter how well I market it. No matter how good it looks or smells. No matter what special price I put on it.

But someone will. Are you that person?

If you are……you’re on my page.
So why do I do it and why all natural when so many people want bright colours and artificial frangances?

It is what I believe in.

It is my life philosophy.

I am an avid supporter and educator of the health of the person and the health of the planet.

And I believe, with exposure and education and an ongoing commitment to my product, I can find my niche market.

I can find people who are on my page.

In my book. Walking my talk with me.

I hope that is you.