A little about me

I have been a swimming coach my whole adult life..almost 30 years now. I have travelled the World from Thailand, to Italy, Mexico to Canada, the USA and all over this great country of ours watching my swimmers race and succeed at the highest World level. It is really hard work but so very rewarding.

They say swimming coaching is both an art and a science. Well, I’m no scientist but I do have a natural affinity with all things arts and crafts.

It did take me a while to settle on soap making. I knew I wanted to use my hands and creative flair to make something special and natural and healthy and beautiful. I had been using another local soap makers products for close to 20 years, admiring her ability to stay natural, yet smell wonderful with her collection of soaps and body products.


After much thought and trying different avenues of craft, I bought a soap making kit and made my very first batch of cold process soap over the Easter Break in 2017. I was immediately hooked, as most soap makers say they are! I decided then and there to create these luscious little bars for myself and my family. What was going to remain just a hobby has now become a fully fledged small business operating from my Soapy Shed in Orelia, Western Australia.

Interestingly enough, soap making is both a science and an art.

The science comes in the chemical reaction when the saponification of the oils begins and the art is the colours, the botanicals, the swirls, the patterns of the soap you see right here. Fancy that! I became a scientist.


I hope you love our products as much as I love making them!